Has your garage door been making strange noises? Does it sound like metal scraping against metal? Maybe there’s no noise or movement at all and that’s the problem. While there are a wide range of reasons for these scenarios, here are 5 common garage door problems and how to fix them.

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1. Dead Batteries in Multiple Garage Door Components

If you’ve ever sat in your driveway pressing the button on your garage door opener repeatedly only to have nothing happen, you know exactly how frustrating it can be to get out of your car to manually open/close your garage door. The first thing you need to try is putting a new battery in your remote. It may not seem like it, but you use your opener more often than you think and it really drains the battery.

Another solution could be the transmitter inside the garage itself. This is also battery powered and if it’s dead, new batteries in your remote isn’t going to make a difference. Try installing a new battery in both, since they were both probably installed at the same time.

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2. Garage Door Track is Out Of Alignment

If your track is out of alignment, it can cause your door to scrape and scratch against the rollers of the door. It can also cause your garage door to seize up altogether, not allowing you in or out of the garage. This can occur because:

  • The tracks become warped over time
  • Hardware is worn down
  • Parts can become displaced

Before you do anything, look along the tracks to see if it’s bent or bowed in any way. If so, call a professional immediately.

3. Old Garage Door Needs A New Spring

Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment and to ease the process of opening and closing them, they rely on torsion springs. Over time, these springs can wear down and then break. If you’ve tried to open your door and it would barely budge, it’s likely the torsion spring is no longer working. This can be very dangerous for people around the door and it should be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be repaired by anyone other than a professional, so be sure to contact one if you think your spring is broken.

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4. Motor Runs But Garage Door Doesn’t Open

All automatic garage doors have an emergency mechanism which allows the user to open and close it without the use of electricity. If you’ve ever pressed the button on your garage door opener and heard the motor running but the door doesn’t budge, it’s likely that the emergency mechanism has been engaged. Look for a rope or a knob and make sure it is put back in place.

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5. Garage Lets in Too Much Cold Air

One thing that you might notice, especially as it gets colder and colder, is that your garage – if attached to your home – is allowing in a lot of cold air and making your electricity bill skyrocket. Here are a few reasons why insulating your garage door is a smart idea:

  • Cuts down on energy costs
  • Allows you to store valuables without having to worry about damaging them
  • Makes door more dent resistant, perfect if you have kids
  • Reduces noise from the outside

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