Is your garage ready for the approaching treacherous Michigan winter? Without proper insulation, pipes in the garage often freeze over and can potentially burst. As a result, your car, shop tools, storage items and walls can be severely damaged. Motor City Door is here to help! Follow these steps to protect your garage from a harsh Michigan winter.

Lubricate the Metal Parts of your Garage Door

Even if you believe your garage is ready for winter, cold air will often lead to parts quickly becoming faulty. Lubricate hinges and chains to help your garage move more smoothly and potentially prevent broken garage door cables. The preferred lubricant is the universal WD-40, but make sure to avoid lubricants containing petroleum and silicone!

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Check Your Garage Door’s Insulation

Whether you renewed your garage door’s insulation last year or not, weatherstripping and insulation deteriorates over time. It is crucial to check on the insulation to determine if it will last through winter (there are plenty summer benefits of garage door insulation, too!). Consider these steps in determining what you need to do with your garage door insulation:

How to check for faulty insulation: Simply feel around your garage door to determine whether cold air is omitting from it. If cold air is seeping through, determine if it is coming through the edges of the door or within the panels.

  • Cold air seeping through edges? Remove old outer sealant and apply a new lining of sealant. PVC is often regarded as the best sealant. Apply multiple linings for best results.
  • Cold air seeping through panels? Determine which panels are faulty and replace with new ones. Garage door panels can be purchased at virtually any major hardware store.

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Install a Heating Unit in your Garage

While insulation does a good job at keeping the cold air out, installing a heating unit inside of your garage will ensure the safety of your pipes and other goods. A heating unit can also give you the opportunity to have a comfortable workspace in the garage regardless of the season. When it comes to garage heating units, there are two major types:

  • Gas-Fired Units are usually the less expensive product as it also uses less energy over time in comparison to its counterpart. Unfortunately it is known to be a bit more complicated to install.
  • Electric Units tend to consume more energy while being less complicated to install. Electric units tend to be the better option if you believe you will not use your unit very often.

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Call Motor City Door – We’ll Be Happy to Help!

At Motor City Door, our customers always come first! This means we want you to feel free to contact us if you feel your garage isn’t ready for another Michigan winter. Our maintenance experts will be happy to give a full inspection and apply any necessary services! Our maintenance services include full inspection, tightening and lubrication of:

  • Sectional doors
  • Hinges
  • Belts
  • Sprockets and much more!

Preventative measures this winter will extend the life of your garage door and keep it working for many more years to come. Contact Motor City Door at (586) 501-5874 for a free estimate today!

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