Your garage door serves many functions that can often be taken for granted. It keeps unwanted critters out of your garage, keeps your car safe at night and is the largest moving part of your home. However, once you experience broken garage door cables, it can create multiple inconveniences for you and your family. One important part that keeps your garage door functioning properly is garage door cables. Even though the cables are a small part, it is an essential safety mechanism in any garage doors. Here is everything you need to know about broken garage door cables.

Why You Need Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables play an important role in any garage door systems. Garage door springs alternate daily and these forces will weaken the springs over time. Without garage door cables, when the garage door spring breaks, it can pose a serious safety hazard. An uncabled garage door with broken springs can recoil with a violent force that may leave a dent in your car or even kill you. Having a garage door cable that runs through the spring will prevent the spring from recoiling and allows it to drop harmlessly. This small safety mechanism can potentially save your life and your car.

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How to Fix Broken Garage Door Cables

It is important to maintain the garage door cables properly. However, it is inevitable that they will break or need to be replaced after long-term use. Here are the steps to properly fix broken garage door cables:

  1. Purchase new cables from your local warehouse store.
  2. Release the tension in the garage door springs.
  3. Open the garage door fully and place a couple of c-clamps on the track below the door’s lowest wheels to prevent the door from sliding down.
  4. Unhook the springs, replace the cable and rehook the springs.
  5. Stand at least 15-feet away from the door and try to open it with your garage door remote to ensure that you have replaced the cables properly.

Garage door cable repair should take place every six months.

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Let Motor City Door Fix Your Garage Door Cables!

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