‘Tis the season of goblins, ghosts and ghouls. Before trick-or-treaters head to your door, get inspired by these easy Halloween garage door decorations that will make your home look spook-tacular!

Giant Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween Decor - Jack o Lantern

With a very large piece of felt or cloth, you can have the scariest (or happiest) garage on the block! By cutting large eyes and a mouth out of the material, you can transform your garage door into a spectacle for all to see. Hot glue a few magnets to the back of the felt or cloth cut-out to adhere to your steel doors. Double sided tape will work for those who have wooden doors.

Magnetic Spiders

Halloween Decor - Spiders

For an easy, quick and cute garage door decoration, look no further than the dollar store! A bag of plastic spider rings and some mini magnets will make your garage looking spook-tacular in no time. By hot-gluing the magnets to the back of the spiders (you’ll need to cut off the ring), your entire garage door can be overflowing with these creepy crawlers in less than an hour.

“Bloody” Hands

Halloween Decor - bloody hands

If you want Halloween garage door decorations that will really get people’s skin crawling, this is one you’ll surely want to try. Your hand and a little red window paint can go a long way for this one. Apply a generous amount of window paint to your hands and smear “bloody” handprints all over your garage windows. Get creative and let it drip. This is sure to give your neighbors a freight!

“Watch for Monsters” Glow-in-the-Dark Graffiti

Halloween decor - glow in the dark

Using Glow-in-the-dark Hairspray found at any party/halloween store or laundry detergent and a black light mounted under the eve, create temporary Holiday Graffiti that will scare your neighbors.

Garage Door Mausoleum 

Halloween Decor - Mausoleum

You can create this unique and fun feature for your home without causing any damage to your garage door through the use of foam sheets, some acrylic paint, and metal peel-and-stick magnets to adhere to the faux stones to your garage doors. Using a sponge and acrylic paint, begin to age/distress the foam sheets. Once that dries you can use paint or a market to add details such as a name and date-of-death to the blocks. Peel and stick the magnets on the back of each sheet, making sure to position one at the top and one at the bottom to better distribute the weight so that your garage door still functions properly. Wooden doors will require the use of double sided tape in place of magnets to properly adhere. These can be easily taken down and stored in the garage or attic to be reused year after year.

Not quite the look you want?

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