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Regular maintenance is an important factor in keeping your overhead door system operating properly. Over time, parts of your door can begin to show signs of wear and deterioration that can become a safety hazard. A visit from our expert technicians here at Motor City Door can help keep your overhead door system operating properly for a long time. At Motor City Door, we provide preventative maintenance for a wide variety of systems from overhead sectional doors to dock levelers. If you think that your system could use a bit of love, give us a call, we’ll be happy to take a look!

Motor City Door’s preventative maintenance servicing of sectional doors include:

  • Inspection, lubrication and/or adjustment of all sections
  • Door alignment/balance.
  • Inspection of hinges, hardware, cables, drums, track and track fasteners
  • Inspection/tightening of the springs
  • Inspection of rollers, bearings and chain hoists
  • Limit adjustments on operators if present.

Motor City Door’s preventative maintenance servicing of operators include:

  • Inspection, tightening, lubrication and/or adjustment of all limit switches, belts, brakes, clutches and sprockets
  • Inspection of mountings, disconnects, roller chains, bearings and safety devices
  • Completion of a detailed preventive maintenance inspection checklist and noting of any safety issues or recommended repairs
  • An extra copy of the review of the preventive maintenance inspection checklist sent with the invoice

Whenever possible, authorized repairs are done at the time of preventive maintenance inspection.

This preventive maintenance is billed on a per door basis. During the preventive maintenance, any replacement of small parts deemed necessary for optimal operation of equipment will be performed. If major repairs require extended hours to perform or major part costs are needed, then prior approval will be received before repairs are completed.

Note: Preventative maintenance cannot predict the life expectancy of springs or the failure of motor operators. The inspection and PM can only optimize the functionality of the equipment at the point in time of performance.

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