Organizing your garage seems to be more and more of a hassle as you collect and hoard months or years worth of items. Just thinking about the idea of sorting through everything you have accumulated can be exhausting. Go ahead and think outside of the box and organize your garage with these five creative garage storage ideas from Motor City Door.

Install Peg Boards

Have plenty of tools and nowhere to put them? Keep them organized and ready-to-go by installing peg boards on the back wall of your garage. The pegs can be configured to fit the shape of most tools and then can be arranged over time as your tools and your needs evolve.

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Make Use of Vertical and Horizontal Space

Vertical storage is prime real estate in a small garage and one of the less utilized spaces. Create a visually interesting storage display for bikes, skateboards, folding chairs or other items by installing metal piping into the wall for them to hang. Or if the inside of your garage isn’t finished, you can install wood blocks in the supports from which to hang items.

Build A Toolbox Wall Pod

If the idea of keeping your tools hanging in plain sight doesn’t appeal to you, consider building yourself a toolbox wall pod. Not only will the structure keep tools organized and out of sight but you can paint the outer wood, install drawers, install a workbench or even decide to put a lock on it if you’d like.

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Create Your Own Storage

Overhead storage is very easy to accomplish if your garage has rafters. You simply just buy some thick sheets of plywood and place them in the rafters. However, did you know you can create your own storage out of other used items? Take an old filing cabinet and remove the drawers, then turn it on it’s side and you’ve got a three compartment organizer for all of your rakes, shovels and the like.

Clear the Cord Clutter

We’ve all gotten tangled up in the a power cord or extension cord. Keep them organized and off of the floor by securely installing a few coat hooks into the garage wall. Then you’ll have a single and safe area for all of your cords. Use a small plastic chain to secure them into place.

When Organization is Complete, Install a New Garage Door!

A garage that is organized and good looking on the inside deserves to be shown off on the outside. The experts at Motor City Door can help you keep your garage door in tip-top shape. Motor City Door offers a variety of residential garage doors as well as maintenance and repair services for your existing garage door. Contact us today at (586) 501-5874 with any questions or to request your free quote!

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