When it comes to your garage door, there are many crucial parts that must work in unison to ensure quality performance. The garage door spring, or torsion spring, is designed to do the heavy lifting and it’s a major factor in efficiency. There are many dangers in having a broken garage door spring and if your spring breaks, it is important to respond quickly. So how do we prevent broken garage door springs? Like all things, the best way to prevent your torsion spring from breaking is with good preventative maintenance. See how committing to these well-thought out precautions will maximize the life of your garage door springs.

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Prevent Garage Door Springs From Rusting

Rust is a common cause of garage door spring failure. The buildup of rust on your spring increases coil friction and can cut your garage door spring’s life in half. Combine that with the corrosive damage of the rust itself and you have everything you need for early torsion spring failure. The good news is preventing your spring from rusting is simple! Every three months or so, spray the spring coil with WD-40. This keeps the spring lubricated and prevents harmful rust buildup.

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Perform an Annual Checkup

In the midst of preventative measures, it is important to know when your torsion spring is deteriorating before it actually breaks. Simple garage door repair tips and tricks will help resolve many common garage door issues. Did you know that your garage door spring will let you know when it is close to reaching its breaking point? The best ways to test the reliability of your torsion spring are by following these instructions:

  1. Pull the red handled emergency cord release – this disconnects the door from the opener, allowing you to open your door by hand. Raise and lower the door a few times, listening carefully for any squeaking noises. This is the sound of hinges that need to be lubricated. Your garage door hinges will generally need to be lubricated once a year.
  2. Lower your door all the way down, raise it to about two feet off the ground and let go – good door springs will prevent gravity from pulling down the weight of the door. If the door feels very heavy and sags, your springs are showing their age and starting to wear.
  3. Schedule a personal inspection from a professional garage door company – the experts always know what to look for to keep your garage in perfect working condition.

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Invest In An Extended Life Torsion Spring

Are you in a position in where your garage door is constantly in use? If you’re often running errands throughout the day and have kids who are in and out of the house then you may be in need of better quality garage door equipment. In this situation, it may be best to invest in an extended life torsion spring. Extended life torsion springs are known to last up to four times longer than the leading garage door spring and help prevent broken garage door springs altogether.

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