Replace or Repair My Garage Door?

Did you know that your garage door could be considered your largest home appliance? And just like other home appliances, the garage door can oftentimes become faulty. In this situation, we have determine whether to replace the item or repair it; but unlike a blender or toaster, a garage door repair or replacement can be much more costly and dangerous if not taken care of properly. Let Motor City Door guide you through the difficult decision with ease.

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Understand the Condition of Your Garage Door

Your garage door undergoes everyday usage and sometimes several times a day. It’s important to keep track of all your garage door’s exterior cosmetics as well as its moving parts that cause it to open and close for you to ensure consistent and optimal safety.

To determine the exterior condition of the door, look for:

  • Cracked or rusted panels
  • Warping if it is a wooden door
  • The condition of the paint

To determine the interior condition of the door, look for:

  • Rusting of the glide rails or chains
  • Strength of the hinges
  • Efficiency of the sensors

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When to Repair a Garage Door

Though most look to repair their garage door before replacing, many wonder what side of the repair/replace line they fall on. There are several factors that will help decide whether repairs can be done to salvage your door or if you need to invest in a new one. Consider simply repairing your door if:

  • It stops working abruptly – probably a broken sensor or chain that can be fixed
  • A single panel is damaged – Panels can be easily replaced individually
  • The door slams when closing – Most likely a faulty torsion spring that can be replaced at a low cost.

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When to Replace a Garage Door

Without proper care, your garage door will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Though replacing your entire garage door oftens seems to be the more extreme measure taken, there are many dangers of using a garage door that needs to be replaced. Replace your garage door if:

  • You feel the door has the potential to fall
  • The track and rollers become separated
  • Multiple exterior panels have taken major damage

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Contact Motor City Door and Let the Experts Take a Look!

Whether you are having trouble with a specific repair or the garage door as a whole, Motor City Door is here to help you repair or find and replace your current door with a stylish and efficient new garage door. We’ve been servicing the Metro Detroit community’s residential and commercial clients since 1965 and only offer the best quality doors and services. Contact or call at (586) 501-5874 to have a garage door expert take a look at your garage door, today!

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