It’s early, you’re scrambling to get out the door for work and when you finally get to the garage, the garage door opener doesn’t work. Next thing you know, you’re late for work and trapped inside. If you’ve run into this problem, you know a stalled garage door is a massive hassle. Here are a few reasons why your garage door may not be working in the cold and several fixes to get you and your garage door moving again.

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Metal Components Warping

One thing that can happen to garage doors during the colder months is the metal components within can shrink or warp out of shape. The cold can cause the metal of a garage door and the tracks it’s on to contract, which in turn halts a door in its motion. One way to allay this is to add lubrication to the rollers and tracks. This should help the door to break free from the hold. Another way to ensure a door doesn’t get help up is to add insulation on the inside. The warmer the garage, the less likely a door will get stuck.

Hardened Grease

Another issue that can occur during cold weather is that the grease, which is there to keep the rollers moving along the track smoothly, begins to harden. Use a grease solvent to loosen some of the hardened grease and then wipe it away with a rag. For more stubborn patches, use a wire brush. After you have removed the old grease, apply new lubrication to the tracks and your door should open and close without interference.

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Broken Springs

A garage door with a broken spring is not something to take lightly. The spring is what helps the door to raise and lower itself. Once one starts to go bad, it can be near impossible to get the door to open. There are a few reasons a spring might go bad, including:

  • Rust – when springs rust up, they start to corrode and fall apart
  • Worn Out – springs have a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles and will degrade soon after
  • Improper Maintenance – not often enough or not handled by a professional

If it does seem like a spring issue, be sure to call a professional immediately. Preventative maintenance can help lower the number of broken garage door springs as well.

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Visit Motor City Door for Garage Door Problems all Winter Long!

If you get held up by your garage door because of the cold this winter, try one of the solutions above. It you can’t seem to get to the bottom of the issue or if it’s more serious, like a broken spring, trust in Motor City Door to help you fix it! And don’t wait it for it to get too cold to make any fixes your garage door might need. For any questions or to set up an appointment, contact us at (586) 501-5874, today!

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