A new garage door can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade the front of your home or commercial business. But before you make a final decision, here’s what you should know before replacing your garage door to guarantee you love your new door for many years.

Know Which Garage Doors Are Available

When replacing your garage door, there are many different options available. Take advantage of this time to see what’s available for your personal style. With so many commercial and residential garage doors, there’s sure to be a door perfect for your home or commercial building. Before making your final decision, you can determine which garage door types you like best by following these tips:

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Consider the Building’s Architecture

Because every house and commercial business is different, consider the architecture of the building before purchasing a new garage door. Some houses may look great with a modern glass door, while a charming carriage style door would be the perfect fit a different house. As there are so many types of garage doors on the market, choose one that fits cohesively.

Commercial garage doors are available with many different features, including:

  • Rolling steel fire doors
  • Safety reverse devices
  • Outside control stations
  • Traffic control lights

Residential garage doors can be designed to fit the style of your building, including:

  • Raised, recessed or flush panels
  • Carriage house stamped or overlay
  • Contemporary glass or aluminum

Think Long-Term

As more people are using their garages as flexible spaces, including offices or playrooms, think long-term before buying a new garage door. You may want to consider a door with a screen or insulation if you think you may be making changes to your home in the future.

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Consult a Professional

When you’re considering a new garage door, experience matters. Many experts warn against installing a garage door yourself because of the risk of an injury. A professional can guarantee the door is installed properly in a safe and efficient way. For the best service and garage door options, contact Motor City Door today at (586) 501-5874.

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