Winter is upon us and in a few short weeks we’ll all be hearing about Alberta clippers and frozen tundras, not to mention the dreaded polar vortex which is bound to happen after such a mild fall season. These frozen temperatures can wreak havoc on houses that are not prepared, such as a garage door frozen shut. The experts here at Motor City Door have safety tips for fixing a frozen garage door so you don’t get left out in the cold.

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Quick Methods for Unfreezing

There are a couple of quick methods you can use to get your garage door unfrozen from the ground. These methods are best done with two people for better results.The first thing you need to do no matter what method you choose is to clear the front on the garage of any snow that has drifted too close.

  • Use Boiling Water – use two large buckets of boiling water and pour one bucket under the door and the other on the front side then immediately try to open the door. You have to move quick or run the risk of the water freezing into an even bigger mess. Be sure to wear protective gear as you could slip and fall on the freezing water. This short-term fix should not be relied on regularly as the water will freeze if the temperature drops again.
  • Pull the Manual Release Cord – the automatic garage door opener might just be burnt out from straining against the frozen door, so try to pull the (usually red) cord to loosen up the garage door. Be careful! If the door is too frozen shut, you may cause more damage. Don’t force the door open from the cord at all costs.
  • Use a Heater – if you have more time to spare, set-up a space heater a safe distance from the garage door. The idea here is to make the garage hotter than the outside. It also helps to have an insulated garage door. Just be sure to keep the heater far enough away from the rubber so that it doesn’t melt and remember to never leave the heater unattended. A heat gun works just as well!

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Prevention is the Best Way to Avoid a Frozen Garage Door

You can avoid having a frozen garage door by using these prevention methods. As with all winter projects make sure someone is aware of where you are and check in with them on a regular basis. Remember to take regular breaks indoors to warm up and keep your body going.

  • Shovel snow away from the front of your garage
  • Apply a silicone lubricant to the rubber seal
  • Spread salt, cat litter or sand beneath the door opening before a big freeze

Motor City Door is Here to Help all Winter Long!

As always, the best tip is to have a professional install a new garage door before winter arrives. The experts at Motor City Door can help you with a wide variety of services and repairs as well as providing maintenance for your garage door. We provide a wide range of residential garage door styles and we’ll even help you pick the best material for your home. Contact us at (586) 501-5874 with question or to schedule an appointment today!

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