A garage door is not a purchase to be made lightly. There is research to be done, such as figuring out which color matches the home? Texture? Safety? Insulated or non-insulated? Price considerations? And probably most importantly, what is the best material for a garage door? Fortunately, the experts here at Motor City Door are ready to offer their assistance to help you choose the right material for your garage door.

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Materials to Consider

The look and feel of your garage door can help to enhance the overall appeal of your home. There are many different garage door materials that you can choose from and different reasons you should go with any of them. Let us break it down:

Wood – A classic wood door is timeless, flexible and perhaps adds the most customization options through choices of timber as well as staining. Higher maintenance than other materials.

Composite – Best for getting a carriage style garage door, composite doors give you the look of wood but without all the upkeep and they tend to be slightly more durable.

Steel – There are a lot of insulation options when you decide to choose a steel door which helps when your garage is attached to your home. Steel doors also offer the greatest variety in price.

Aluminum – A nice alternative to steel, aluminum doors will not rust in humid areas such as coastal plains. Dress up your aluminum door with frosted glass windows for a modern look.

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Residential Door Styles

At Motor City Door, our professionals only work with the best materials for our residential garage doors to keep your garage looking it’s best. Enhance your garage door exterior by keeping these materials and styles in mind:

Raised Panel: made from fiberglass or steel, these doors can add a little character to the front of your garage while keeping a classic aesthetic.

Flushed Panel: made from steel, flushed panels can create a contemporary, simple and clean look to your garage door.

Recessed Panel: made from aluminum or steel, these doors can give your garage a modern yet timeless looking update.

Carriage House Overlay: made from fiberglass, steel or wood, these doors can add detail and ornamental classic look to any garage.

Carriage House Stamped: made from steel, this style gives you the strength of a steel door but the gorgeous beauty of an old-time looking carriage door.

Contemporary Glass and Aluminum: can create a unique modern look that will have your garage looking brand new and different from those on your block.

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Leave the Research to the Experts at Motor City Door

Whether you are looking to repair or replace your existing garage door, need services or maintenance, the experts at Motor City Door are here to help you! Nothing beats getting to actually see and feel to know what is the best material for a garage door. Contact us today at (586) 501-5874 to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom or with any questions!

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