Are you looking for easy ways to prevent the cold or rain from getting through your garage door? What about protecting the door itself from harsh weather? There are numerous precautions you can take to protect your garage from weather at all times of the year. Check out these recommended weatherproofing tips that are sure to keep your garage and its contents in good shape.

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Insulate the Door

You can insulate your garage door for a variety of purposes. Insulating your garage will prevent hot/cold air from getting in, keeping the inside of your garage at a comfortable temperature regardless of what it may feel like outside. This can also save you money in the long run by lowering your energy bill.

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Seal Gaps

It’s not a shocking fact that if there are gaps or holes in your garage door, hot/cold air, rain or hail can get into your garage. You can detect these gaps by closing your garage door and carefully looking around the edges for gaps or holes. The best way to protect your garage door from gaps is to fill them with caulk or to insulate the holes.

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Replace Rubber Weather Stripping

You know that rubber strip at the bottom of your garage door that you always ignore? Start paying attention to it because it plays a very important role in your doors upkeep. This rubber strip is made with the purpose of blocking air from flowing in through the bottom of the door. Although durable, these weather strips can wear over time, so it is important to pay attention to them and replace as needed.

By following these weatherproofing tips for protecting your garage door, your door will be ready for all kinds of harsh weather conditions – and for us living in Michigan, it’s a necessity. For more information and services or to get a free quote from Motor City Door, contact us at (586) 501-5874.

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