Commercial doors are the first step between you and your customers, right? Entryways are important and when something goes wrong with them, it can cause a huge headache, not to mention a loss of business. To make sure you don’t lose out on any potential customers, check out our guide to commercial door repairs and services.

Why Door Repairs and Services are Important for Businesses

Garage doors and main entryways are the literal in’s and out’s of your business. Whether it’s shipping out orders and receiving needed supplies, to having a functional and appealing entryway, you need doors that work. Not only do issues keep you from conducting business, but depending on the level of severity, they can be a danger to you, your employees, and your customers. And like with garage doors, your main entryways can degrade over time, making it harder, if not impossible, to get inside or out. Making sure these doors are working properly by making them a priority with regular preventative maintenance services.

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Pay Extra Attention to these Potential Issues

When it comes to garage doors, there are many components that might need a little extra attention. The last thing you want is to let a small problem turn into a larger one, costing more money and risking the safety of those in the vicinity.

  • Broken Springs – A broken spring can make opening the door nearly impossible.
  • Warped Tracks – Over time, tracks can warp out of alignment, causing the door to kink up as it is opening and closing.
  • Motor Burns Out – A commercial garage door’s motor can experience some real wear and tear over time, possibly causing the motor to stop working.

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How to Avoid Costly Repairs Before they Become Necessary

If you’ve had your garage doors and main doors for a couple of years, taking just a few minutes out of your day can help you keep track of any possible issues you should expect. Pay attention to any grinding that you don’t recognize. Even very light grinding should be accounted for because it could lead to a bigger issue down the road. Check the tracks and make sure there’s nothing to block the door. Also, make sure the automatic motor isn’t opening and closing the door too quickly or slowly. These are simple fixes you can take care of now before you have to open your wallet later.

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Don’t Forget to Ask for Professional Door Maintenance Help!

If you happen to find any issues along the way, be sure to come to Motor City Door. For over 50 years, Motor City Door has provided the Metro Detroit area with professional residential and commercial garage door repairs. We can help you with everything from broken springs to non-working automatic garage door operators. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 586-726-1100!

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