Sexual life in older men

When a man develops erectile dysfunction, he begins to feel elderly and aging. If he is able to perform sexual acts and show sexual activity even in adulthood, then such a man will have a good quality of life.

One in three men over the age of 40 has erection problems that makes him to buy tadalafil from reputable shop. A direct cause of erectile dysfunction can be an artery thrombosis or plaque on the wall of the vessel, which interferes with circulation in the penis.

But most of the problems with potency are a symptom of other diseases. For example, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia – the “deadly quartet.” Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is prostate cancer. This diagnosis is given to many men over 55 years, and even after treatment, 70-80% of patients will have a severe form of dysfunction.

Normalizing erection in older men will help change lifestyle, moderate alcohol consumption, balanced diet and healthcare products at reasonable prices, quitting smoking, reducing weight, eliminating stress, the expert said. If the problem is not solved, the next stage is medical treatment. Doctors often prescribe inhibitors of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type – drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The main thing is a trusting relationship with a partner and health, the need for intimacy and pleasure does not fade over the years, and sexual and reproductive health even after 65 years remains an essential aspect of psychological and physical well-being. The critical requirements for continuing a quality sex life in adulthood are a good, trusting relationship with a partner and a general health condition, which is very important to monitor.

Psychological issues, which also often underlie sexual dysfunction, need to be given as much time as physiological ones. Therefore, trips to a psychologist and sexologist in case of problems in the sexual sphere are mandatory, and not alone, but together with a sexual partner, concludes the expert.

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